Robot Advisor – The future of trading

Identify statistical patterns is the trading, those that are repeated and obtain a high return and balancing between risk and return, allow traders to work more safely. Many of our robots that we use ourselves in our operations, will help to improve results.

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PACK 1 – T7 Scalping

Recommended to work in a short time frame, we love working with robots in renko because we adjust the price to the volatility.

T7 Scalping Environment

5 robots using volume, trend, positioning institutional and retailers and oscillators.

The return is high and the risk is low. Average trade success is between 80% – 90%


Only $199  per month


Robots recomendados para trabajar en gráficos diarios. Operativa de larga “duración” de un día a semanas. Robot ideal para olvidarnos del mercado ó combinarlo con estrategias de corto plazo.

Robot LPRC – LPR20 – LPR3

Recommended robots to work on daily charts. Trades coul be long “duration”, from a day to weeks. Ideal for forgetting the market or combine it with short – term strategies robot, T7 Scalping

Performance from 2010 of 60% to 218% according Robot.


Only $199  per month

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