Trend Bars

 It is based on the strength of the price within the trend

The trend is confirmed with the color of the bar

  • Green price bars are bullish
  • Red price bars are bearish
  • White price bars are neutral. Indicates that there is not enough strength, and we should follow main trend
  • Input Sensibility measures the strength

Cloud type Trigger Lines

Cloud follows price Cloud, segregating the bulls from the bears.

It is important to see that the price bar is more than 75% above the cloud to identify bullish movement. It is important to see that the price bar is more than 75% below the cloud to identify bearish movement. On many occasions the price will go to search inside the cloud to perform the rebound. The overcoming of the cloud invalidates the rebound.

  • Green cloud is bullish
  • Red cloud is bearish
  • Sensibility is an input to fit the cloud

Institutional Indicator

Identifies the behavior of the retail investor against the institutional investors

The first indicator shows how the small investors are behaving – RETAIL.

  • Green,  Buy – Bullish
  • Red, Sell – Bearish
  • Orange, neutral
  • We will look at the direction of the indicator, because detects the strength of the purchase

The second indicator shows how the large investors are behaving – INSTITUTIONALS.

  • Green, Buy – Bullish
  • Red, Sell – Bearish

Trend Indicator

Detects market direction.

The histogram tells us the direction of the market and the points on the 0-axis. This identifies and gives confirmation of the trend.

  • Green histogram is Bullish
  • Red histogram is Bearish
    • 0-axis – Green, Bullish
    • 0-axis – Red, Bearish
    • 0-axis – White, neutral

Learn how this indicator works

Movement Indicator – VOLCANO

Detects the trend of movement and strength.

The trend is easily visible in the image. If the histogram changes from negative to positive, the trend is still bullish. If changes from positive to negative the trend is bearish.

Volcano is characterized by being “mountains of gray color”. The edge is exposed with a Green or Red according to the trend. If we visualize a large Green or Red edge the trend will be strong.

When the edge is weakened and is close to gray, is probably the end of the trend.

The Orange indicates a probability of turnaround

Oscillator – OSCILGO

Price is fitted in an oscillator. Founding trends, overbought and oversold.

The price (Green Line, Red and White) ranges inside the channel and out of the channel.

While you are inside the channel the trend is “safer” that if you are located outside of the channel (within the lines Orange).

Overbought applies when the price out of the top of the channel. crosses above Orange line. Bullish movement.

Oversold is when the price comes from the bottom crosses below the Orange line. Bearish movement.

The change of the color of the price, identifies whether the trend is still bullish Green, bearish Red and neutral White.

Volume Indicator – VOLUME

Detects volume that really impact in trend

It consists of the typical volume, but only detects those volumes that can have a high impact on the price movement.

White volume is took into consideratio

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