Algorithmic Trading

The trader today can not afford the market without a thorough knowledge of mathematical. Indicators and advisor robots, are forced to face trading in XXI century. More than 80% of transactions in the futures market and forex, are performed by machines developed by teams of physicists and mathematicians. Not only it serves to know the market, but we foresee implicit mathematical in the market.

 Trading Indicators


Trading Indicators

Our indicators are based on 4 pillars: Trend, Volume, Support / Resistance and Institutional Investors vs Retailer Investors. All mathematical developments seek ratios of greater than 80% success, offering to the trader, greater reliability in its operative. The indicator alone does not provide a probabilistic gain, but combined with market knowledge, working in volatility time, analyzing the market in technical and fundamental level, we can get to get success rates above 80%.


Trading Robots


Robots Trading

Strategies that the trader can optimize his/her risk level and will provide inputs and outputs active to study. Robots are a mathematical software makes the trader decides to make a purchase or sell in futures, forex or other market. In any case it can be considered as investment advice by our company.


Custom Development Trading


Custom Development Trading

Developments as indicators and strategies.

As experts in Trading (we understand the market because we trade daily with a real money account) and experts in the languages of trading, EasyLanguage, C ++, C # and R we can easily understand the needs of the Trader.


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